Rhymes and reasons

Saw these autumn leaves and wrote this little poem just now:

Autumn is here and the days are warm and mellow,
The leaves on the ground are all brown and yellow.
As the trees shed their leaves and wait for the spring,
We can only wonder what the future will bring!
Life will twist and turn and change all we have known,
One thing is certain, we shall reap what we have sown!

(17 September 2015)


The sun goes down to rise again and evens up the score
Every end starts something new, if you let your spirits soar!



A poem I just wrote:

There’s a chill in the air that was not there before
Clouds shroud the morning sun as the sky starts to pour
Summer seems defeated as it gets up and leaves the stage
Every end is a new beginning as winters turn the page

It’s a bittersweet melody as wintertime comes to play
Shadows grow longer and the sky looks old and gray
It conjures up images from a time that is no more
And so much that we’ve put away comes beating on the door

There’s something about winters that helps to recall
People, places, songs and rhymes that once held me in thrall
I can’t help but wonder if all this was meant to be
Would I be someone different if I was not me?

Most of us are prisoners to what our parents held so dear
We are helpless hostages of our childhood’s hopes and fears
But a fray twixt the past and present is a mindless chore
The world can be your oyster if you let your spirit soar

And so life sings its songs as seasons come and go
Now bitter, now sweet as the winds of change blow
There’s beauty all around us if we choose to so believe
Just don’t forget to give what you would like to receive!

(26 October 2015)



Just a thought:

Though it may not seem that way but it’s true you see,
Just ponder on it for a while and you’re bound to agree.

As we rush along the road of life kicking up dust and dirt,
The ones that mean the most to us are the ones we always hurt.

We strive to please and flatter, those we hardly know,
And those who hold us close and dear are often dealt a blow.

We are so easily smitten by a fleeting guest,
And those who care so much for us are casually dispossessed.

Sticks and stones can break your bones and words can be just as bad
Though silence is often golden, it too can burn and scald

So let’s try and be more mindful to love back those who care,
A thoughtless word, a heedless deed can harm beyond repair!

(27 September 2015)



It dances for me in the night, filling up my mind

The sweltry heat has gone away, there’s coolness behind
Talking to the trees and roof above and tapping on the pane
It’s music to the ears as it rushes down the drain
I know none other that can make you come alive like this
Summer rain will always make you smile and fill you up with bliss!

(27 August 2015)



Wrote a poem for you my dearest! Amen Jamal

It was a fine day in May, seventeen years ago
Fate smiled on me and love began to flow
A beam of light shone down from above
What I felt has to be the height of love

A perfect little angel was placed in my arms
And from that day, I was a slave to its charms
After much thought we named her Amen
And ever since that day she has been ten on ten

Now how do I describe her, what do I say?
A vision of beauty, my sunshine everyday
Each day with her has been a treasure
Full of love and joy and so much pleasure

I have watched her grow through all these years
Together we have crossed many new frontiers
Time flew by and she is now seventeen
She has a heart of gold and looks like a queen

I sometimes worry that she has not found herself
And she is still sitting idle, high on the shelf
But I know her time is going to come pretty soon
And before we know it she’ll shine like the moon

After a while, when all is said and done
Whatever happens, you’ll always be the one
My pride and joy, the light of my life
Hold your head high, whether calm or strife

All is wish for you is bliss and success
A life that matters, all good things in excess
So go kiss the world, my shining star
Just keep walking and you’ll reach very far!

(10 September 2015)



A simple Wish!

Maybe it’s just a pointless dream
To wish for peace in the world
For all mankind to lay down arms
In a place where the meek are heard

I have despaired of seeing
A world of bliss and peace
Where beauty, love and joy prevail
Where fights and quarrels cease

Somehow we could not embrace
The lifestyles not our own
It’s so easy to judge someone
While sitting on our throne

It’s an ill wind that blows no good
That scatters seeds of hate
The old and weary look upwards
And blame it on their fate

Hope still endures in a child’s heart
And that is our only hope
The child is the father of the man
There’s no limit to its scope

A heart filled with gladness
That has not yet turned to stone
A mind free of prejudice
Where ill winds have not yet blown

I wish all the children of the world
Would come and form a band
I am sure they can make what we could not
A brotherhood of Man!

*28 March 2015)



A poem I wrote today:

The man in the mirror looked at me and chuckled
He had lines on his face and his gray hair was ruffled

‘You know where you have been’, it said with a smirk
‘But the future will always be shrouded in murk’

And as I looked at him, I felt my knees go weak
The future seemed lonely… desolate and bleak

I thought of all I loved that has walked out the door
And though I dance to many tunes, I too will leave the floor

It’s a solo flight indeed, as you reap what you have sown
You may not be lonely but you will always be alone

You have to look within to find that one, true friend
Someone who will be with you till the very end

We may roam the world to seek love and gratitude
But sometimes all we need is the bliss of solitude!

(23 February 2015)



Books, toys, play and laughter could not be my lot
Hunger, needs and frustration is all my childhood brought
And as you sit and look at this, please try to comprehend
If children are the future, what will be your end?

(12 August 2015)



A poem I wrote in the aftermath of the Kasur child abuse catastrophe:

There are monsters among us who have hearts of stone
The masks they wear are many and they dwell in the evil zone
I wonder what kind of a human would terrorize a child?
Make him beg and scream until the devil smiled

See how lust and greed grip humans in a vice?
See how violence and tyranny turn people into mice
These little kids who are lost today were to lead us to tomorrow
But if the present is so insecure, the future will bring more sorrow

Child abuse is a real menace, but we look the other way
We close our eyes and dream, that it has gone away
It leaves scars for life, it pollutes all that’s pure
And the vicious circle it creates, is so hard to endure

Let us empower our children and teach them what is right
So that they can hold their heads up high and face insolent might
Let truth be their armor and fortitude their defence
Lets ensure we do all we can to save them from violence

Every child needs a champion, let’s try and give them hope
A guide and protector, who will help them cope
A hero they can look up to, who will stand up for their rights
Each one of us is responsible, to lift them to new heights

Take heed my friends, we owe it to them, children are the only truth
We do not inherit the Earth you see, we borrow it from the youth
Wake up, stand up and claim your rights; we are almost out of time
Silence in the face of evil is always the biggest crime!

(August 11 2015)






A slave needs a master like the desert needs the rain

Masters may come and go, the slave remains the same

Why are we so consumed by anger, stress and hate?

Let’s wake up and make amends, before it is too late
Breaking all the shackles is easier said than done
Old sins will cast long shadows, wherever you may run
Courage of convictions needs blood, sweat and tears
Love is the only master that will drive away our fears!

 (2 February 2015)


To live before we die!

I wonder what today will bring, if tomorrow will be kind?
Yesterday was so complex, it’s still preying on my mind

Can’t help but wonder, how much time I still have left
There is still so much to do, it makes me feel bereft

So much trouble in the world, so much to endure
All these thoughts run through my head and make me feel obscure

Worry, tension and distress will leave you high and dry
Sometimes we tend to forget to live before we die!

(25 January 2015)



The boat, the river and the setting sun
What are we, if not born to run?
Where was I and for where am I bound?
Will answers to these questions ever be found?

The river seems deep…old and wise
But my answers from it, I cannot prise
Who is who and what is what?
And if we’ll ever get out of this rut!

Sometimes I wish I could sail away
To a land far beyond, away from the fray
Man is born free, but remains in chains
Consumed by greed and wracked by pains

A mist shrouds the river, chilly and cold
Waves upon waves of tales untold
Then the sun peeks out and alters the scene
Like an arid desert suddenly turns green

Where the ears are deaf and eyes are blind
Insolent might steals the right to be kind
A reminder of peace, a reason to love
We so need a sun to shine from above!

(14 January 2015)



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