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Many of us are confused about what kind of country the Quaid had envisioned Pakistan to be. Different people interpret the creation and raison d’etre of Pakistan in any way which suits them and their beliefs.I read many of the speeches and addresses of the Quaid e Azam and have copied some relevant excerpts below. I think they very clearly convey what the Quaid wanted. Worth a read..’We have achieved our cherished goal of freedom and have established Pakistan as an independent, sovereign State, fifth largest in the world. That freedom can never be attained by a nation without suffering and sacrifice. We have been through dark days of apprehension and anguish, but I can say with confidence that with courage and self-reliance and by the Grace of God we shall emerge triumphant.

 Now, if we want to make this great State of Pakistan happy and prosperous we should wholly and solely concentrate on the well-being of the people and especially of the masses and the poor. If you will work in co-operation, forgetting the past, burying the hatchet you are bound to succeed.

If you change your past and work together in a spirit that everyone of you, no matter to what community he belongs, no matter what relations he had with you in the past, no matter what is his color, caste or creed is first, second and last a citizen of this State with equal rights, privileges and obligations, there will be no end to the progress you will make. We are members of the brotherhood of Islam in which all are equal in rights, dignity and self-respect. But make no mistake: Pakistanis not a theocracy or anything like it.

 The great majority of us are Muslims. We follow the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (may peace be upon him). Islam demands from us the tolerance of other creeds. You are free; you are free to go to your temples. You are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any region or caste or creed –that has nothing to do with the business of the State.If we take our inspiration and guidance from the Holy Quran, the final victory, I once again say, will be ours. Do not for a moment imagine that your enemies can ever succeed in their designs. But at the same time do not make light of the situation facing you. Do not be over whelmed by the enormity of the task. There is many an example in history of young nations building themselves up by sheer determination and force of character. You are made of sterling material and are second to none. Why should you also not succeed like many others, like your own forefathers. You have only to develop the spirit of the “Mujahids”.

You are a nation whose history is replete with people of wonderful grit, character and heroism. Live up to your traditions and add to it another chapter of glory. All I require of you now is that everyone of us to whom this message reaches must vow to himself and be prepared to sacrifice his all, if necessary, in building upPakistanas a bulwark of Islam and as one of the greatest nations whose ideal is peace within and peace without. With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.Our duty to the State often demands that we must be ready to submerge our individual or provincial interests into the common cause for common good. Our duty to the State comes first; our duty to our Province, to our district, to our town and to our village and ourselves comes next. We must develop a sense of patriotism which should galvanize and weld us all into one united and strong nation. That is the only way in which we can achieve our goal the goal of our struggle, the goal for which millions of Mussalmans have lost their all and laid down their lives.Remember, you must have patience. Rome was not built in a day. The success of our achievements will depend upon our unity, discipline and faith not only in ourselves but in God who determines the destinies of peoples and nations.Pakistan Zindabad!’


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